How to Save Money With Space Heaters This Winter

Cozy feet in front of a fireplace

Did you know that there’s a little trick you can use to bring your utility bill down during the winter months? Prices are high right now and people are looking for ways to bring expenses down. Space heaters can bring down your gas bill by assisting your furnace in heating rooms in your home. Of course, space heaters can only heat a certain amount of space but for the smaller rooms in your home such as bedrooms and small living areas you can add warmth without turning up your thermostat.

Space heaters cost roughly 25 cents an hour to heat areas in your home. That’s better than the added cost of both gas and electricity used to run your heater. A few things to consider if you choose this option is the size of the space heater you need to use. Smaller space heaters like the PowerZone Deluxe Portable Heater is a 5,000 BTU heater that is 1300/1500 watt electric heater. This size heater can heat roughly 160 sq. ft. of space.

PowerZone Deluxe Portable Heater

If you are looking to heat a slightly bigger space you can opt for the Mr. Heater Big Buddy Pro Series Heater which can go from 4-18k BTU. This heater runs off of 2-cylinder propane tanks of 1lbs each. You can also connect this to a 20lb tank with an optional hose. This heater is great for emergency situations where you may not have power.

Mr. Heater Big Buddy Pro Series Heater

Certain conditions can affect these numbers like the outside temperatures or how tall the room you’re heating is. Heat rises and that can affect how much fuel you need to use. If that is the case you may want to opt for a space heater around 18k BTU or slightly higher.

Space heaters may save you some moolah but you want to keep in mind that leaving them unattended is not advisable. There are many with tip-over switches and built-in thermostats but it’s better to be around while they are in use. Safety First! So bundle up with your favorite blanket, grab your favorite hot drink, and stay cozy this winter.