Safety & Sanitation: Prevent Common Summer Accidents

child wearing sunscreenSummer is an active season for kids, and that means more risk. As outdoor activity increases, so do accidents and injuries. Protect yourself and your little ones this summer by keeping the following safety tips in mind:

Sun safety –10am-4pm are the peak hours when it comes to dangerous UV rays. Wearing protective clothing such as a hat with a broad rim and sunglasses allows individuals to stay cool and keep their skin safe. Sunscreen should be applied to the body to avoid sunburn, and reapplied every 2 hours – especially at the playground, the beach, or any other environment with little shade.

Water safety – When children are swimming in the pool with a noodle or even a life vest, an adult should still monitor them at all times. This will reduce the risk of drowning and ensure safety in the event the noodle gets away from a child, or the life vest comes off while playing with other children. Small children can drown in as little as one inch of water.

Bug bites – Stings by a bee, wasp, or hornet should be washed with soap and water. The stinger should try to be removed. When playing near trees or flowers, kids should wear pants and long-sleeved shirts if possible. To reduce the chance to a bug bite, guardians may purchase a bug-resistant armband or a child-safe bug lotion.

Hydration – When exposed to high temperatures for a long period, adults may keep water bottles handy so kids can stay refreshed and hydrated. Consider freezing a few water bottles so the water remains cold throughout a long day of outdoor play.

Stretching – Children should warm up properly when engaging in sporting activities. Stretching helps release muscle tension and can help prevent muscle tears and sprains.