Arts & Crafts: Creative Outdoor Projects for Kids This Summer

paint brush with multiple colors of paintThe one thing kids anticipate all year long is summer vacation! Gone are the days of being stuck indoor gazing longingly out the window – at least for a few months. Parents can keep their children active with many outdoorsy projects that are both fun and creative. Just because they are not in school doesn’t mean they can’t be expanding their horizons.

Here are some arts and crafts ideas for kids. Parents may feel free to adjust projects based on personal preferences:

  1. 4th of July paintings will bring out the creativity in your little ones. Set them up with an easel, paint, and allow them to create their own interpretations of 4th of July fireworks. Parents can participate, too!
  2. Allow youngsters to pick a handful of flowers from the garden to create a beautiful summer necklace. Little girls will feel as though they have stepped into their very own fairytale.
  3. Create garden art by tying an extra-large sheet of kraft paper around the bark of a tree. Secure it with string and tape. Allow the little ones to color, draw, or paint their own version of a garden on the kraft paper. Connecting so directly with nature is great for their energy.
  4. Use those seashells. Chances are, your family has seashells around the house from previous summers. There are several craft projects the kids can do – from painting them, or even using the leftover Easter egg dye to create a rainbow of seashells. Once the kids have colored them, parents can arrange them around candles in the dining table for a family-created centerpiece.
  5. Turn regular rocks into a garden rock caterpillar – though parents may want to do this project once or twice with the kids for safety reasons. Use 7 large rocks for the body, 12 small rocks for the feet, and 2 small sticks for antennae. Once the large rocks have been painted in various colors and patterns, attach the “feet” with Goop or waterproof landscaping glue. Arrange the rocks like that of a caterpillar body, paint a face on the first rock, and glue the 2 sticks on top of the head. You’ve now got an artistic caterpillar piece as garden décor.

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