Safety & Sanitation: How to Warm Your Home Safely, Without Turning up the Heat

woman in hat and mittensTurning up the heat during winter can mean hundreds (even thousands) of additional expenses throughout the season. While everyone has a right to be comfortable and warm at home, many individuals prefer to use alternate methods to get that extra bit of coziness. Here are some ways to warm your home safely without turning up the heat too high:

  • Ceiling fans can be changed seasonally. In the winter, drive warm air downward by rotating the ceiling fan to clockwise and lowering the speed.
  • Changing your sheets is a simple yet effective way to warm up in a cost effective manner. Use flannel sheets instead of cotton sheets and use a down comforter. Create more warmth during the evenings by covering yourself with a blanket while watching TV, reading a book, or relaxing in the living room.
  • Close off unused rooms. Keep bedroom and bathroom doors shut to contain the heat in areas that are being used.
  • Utilize rugs to keep your floors (and feet) warm during the winter. If not insulated, floors can account for as much as 10 percent of heat loss. Having rugs in many areas can provide additional insulation, preventing cool air from rising up into the room.
  • If you are working in a confined space such as your workshop or garage, consider using a space heater such as any Reddy, Master, and Remington brands instead of heating the entire home.
  • Rearrange the furniture so that the sofa is not situated near windows. Avoid placing large pieces of furniture near radiators. Large pieces will absorb the heat instead of distributing it throughout the room.
  • To keep warm air within a room, block off the space at the bottom of doors and windows with fabric or newspaper. Cold air generally sneaks in under these openings.
  • Layer up. Wear extra layers to stay warm. Scarves and thermal socks can provide additional comfort.

Keep hot water ready for hot chocolate or tea. Even if you don’t want to drink a beverage, wrapping your hangs around a warm mug can positively impact your body heat level.