Keep Yourself And Others Safe

When working on any construction project, large or small, it is critical to protect yourself and your workers with certified Personal Safety Equipment. Examples include appropriate head protection such as hard hats, safety glasses, and dust masks. In addition, many jobs require insulated or reinforced gloves, stabilizing ladders, and slip-resistant work boots with steel-plated toes, among other items. On certain building projects additional construction equipment may require reinforced scaffolding and/or body harnesses for further protection to prevent a mishap or fall. In this blog we will discuss basic personal safety equipment, devoting later blogs to construction projects that necessitate restraining gear for more specific circumstances.

Head Gear

man in hard hat and safety gogglesBecause head injuries can occur from falling objects on a construction project, it is important to prevent or protect against a serious blow to the head. When wearing a hard had, you should always make sure it fits snugly to keep it properly in place. Further, we recommend checking it regularly for dents or cracks. If they appear, replace the hard had with a new one. What’s more, hard hats should also be replaced if exposed to an electrical shock. See Equip Supply’s extensive inventory of Sentry, MSA V-Guard hard hats, and MSA Official NFL hard hats in a variety of colors and styles under the safety tab of this website.

Eye Protection

If objects can fall on your head, they could also hurt the eyes, making safety glasses a “must wear” on some jobsites. Safety glasses or goggles are necessary when working with construction equipment that produce sparks or flying debris. Some tasks may even require full face protectors when you or your workers are welding or using other electrical tools or chemicals. Equip Supply carries a huge range of personal safety equipment to protect the eyes, including goggles. Safety glasses in our inventory include ANSI and OSHA approved eyewear such as the Tremor Series by MCR Safety, Kazbek Polarized Silver Mirror eyewear, and the Shock Series also by MCR Safety, among others. We also carry non-fog safety goggles by Grand Rapids Industrial Products, which can even be worn over regular glasses.

Safety and Work Gloves

Protecting your hands is vital when working in inclement weather, with harsh chemicals, when doing concrete work or welding, as well as a wide variety of other tasks. Any gloves you wear should fit snugly. Make sure you select the right kind of gloves for the work to be done as well. For example, use heavy duty rubber gloves when undertaking concrete or asphalt work. When welding, you should wear gloves that are made for that purpose, and insulated gloves (preferably with sleeves) when working with electrical equipment. Check out our massive inventory of work gloves by clicking on the Safety Tab of this website and selecting the Gloves category.