Party And Event Supplies

Popcorn machine standToday’s concession machines are not the concession machines your parents might remember. These modern marvels far surpass Party and Event Supplies of the past. What’s more, creating a dynamic table display that spotlights a simple chocolate fountain enlivens it, making it even more tempting. Consequently, when ordering Event Supplies for your next theme-driven event, we invite you to create exciting table displays to compliment each food or beverage item you will be serving. After all, dynamic displays can not only attract attention to delicious food and beverages. They can also generate a “wow” factor that outlives the party itself, keeping guests talking for days.

Popcorn Machines and the Monkey

When ordering any of our four, six or eight ounce popcorn machines for your next soireé, consider placing it on an attractive and fun antique cart. Equip Supply’s popcorn carts reflect a festive atmosphere of simpler times while boosting the buzz factor of today. For added enthusiasm, consider making (or buying) several sock monkeys that climb up the cart legs, placing one on the cart’s tops with a handcrafted popcorn sign. Besides the monkeys generating excitement for delicious popcorn, they can also be raffled off as prizes to winning party-goers at the end of the night.

Cheese Dispensers: A Mouse Full of Cheddar

When thinking about what event supplies you’ll need at your next party, nachos from Equip Supply’s cheese machine can provide both delicious cheese as well as an opportunity for a terrific display idea. Everyone knows about the “mouse following a trail of cheese crumbs” motif. Either make or buy several plastic or stuffed mice, along with toy cheese pieces. Position toy cheese on the table, with the mice crawling their way to the cheese dispenser itself. You can even have some mice crawling up the table legs! Guaranteed to cause a stir!

Chocolate Fountains Extraordinaire

If serving fresh strawberries and other fruits at your event, dipping them in scrumptious chocolate from one of Equip Supply’s chocolate fountains generates excitement as well as a crowd at the dessert table. An easy yet creative way to decorate the table is to fill cornucopia baskets with strawberries, pineapple chunks and other fruits, tumbling out of them. This simple presentation serves as a practical way to serve fruit and a festive display surrounding one of our Montezuma or Aztec chocolate fountains.

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