Handyman Help: How to Remove & Replace a Toilet

A toiletWhether you are updating the entire bathroom or simply switching out a broken bowl, removing and replacing a toilet is a straightforward job. The supply and waste pipes are already in position. With the right equipment from EquipSupply.com, you can have the job done in one day. Here are steps for this handyman project.

Lay out rags and newspaper where you’ll set the old toilet. Turn off the water supply to the toilet and flush it several times to remove all the water from inside the tank and bowl. Disconnect the toilet by unscrewing the nuts that attach it to the water supply line. Next, remove the caps that cover the bolts at the base of the toilet and unscrew the nuts.

Use a utility knife to loosen the seal by scoring the seal between the bowl and the floor. Rock the toilet side to side to free it from the floor. Place the old toilet on the rags and then remove the wax gasket using a putty knife. Block the drainpipe with a rag and clean the area to remove any excess dust, dirt, or seal from the floor.

Insert a new wax gasket on the new bowl and apply a bead of caulk to the base of the toilet. Remove the rag from the drainpipe and lower the bowl into place on top of the flange. Press down to ensure proper positioning. Fasten the toilet to the floor by carefully tightening the washers and nuts onto the bolts. Putting too much pressure can cause cracks on the porcelain.

Use plastic toilet shims, if the toilet is not level. Then fill the caps with plumber’s putty and place over the bolts. Set the new tank on top by inserting the bolts through the base of the tank. Lower the bowl gently to position it correctly. Attach the tank to the bowl by securing the nuts and washers. Check to make sure the tank is level. Set the tank lid on top of the tank, leaving the joint between the two pieces unsealed.

Connect the supply line between the shut-off valve and the fill valve. Tighten the compression nut to finish connecting the toilet to the water supply. Open the shut-off valve. Finally, apply caulk along the bottom of the toilet to seal the joint between the toilet and the floor. Use a wet finger to smooth the bead of caulk along the joint for a smooth finish.