Easy Ways to Expand Your Closet Space

Has a lack of closet space caused you to start piling clothes, accessories, and miscellaneous items on random chairs or drawers around the house? There are several easy ways to expand your closet space without investing a ton of money or turning your bedroom into a construction zone. Handymen of any level can complete these easy projects within a weekend.

  1. If you have a hanging closet rod, add a second underneath the first to double your hanging space. To do this, your existing closet rod should be at least 66 inches from the floor so that you can add the second rod about 35 inches from the floor. You’ll need two metal closet brackets and a closet rod of the appropriate length. Attach the metal brackets to the studs after finding the studs on the back wall. Use a level to make sure the brackets are aligned and then place the rod on the hangers.
  2. Buy stacking dividers to keep piles of t-shirts, pants, or sweaters arranged neatly. This will free up space on your hanging rod.organized closet space
  3. If your closet is jam packed and fitted with permanent shelving, utilize the back of the door for added storage. This handyman project is great for bedroom closets, pantries, or even utility closets. Many doors do not offer strong support for mounting items. To get around this problem, screw a piece of plywood to the back of the door, adding construction adhesive for hollow-core doors. Finally, add hooks, magnets, and other storage attachments to the back of the door. Find the supplies you need at EquipSupply.com.
  4. Tool aprons may also be used on the back of doors for tools, household items, shoes, accessories, or clothes. You can find them ready-made, or make your own from scratch to accommodate your specific needs.
  5. Create an affordable and space-saving storage solution for belts, necklaces, small handbags, and scarves. Add mini hooks to wooden hangars and clear up your clutter and keeping your accessories organized.
  6. Another alternative for hanging accessories such as scarves and necklaces is to place round shower curtain rings on a hangar.
  7. If your closet consists solely of hanger options, add a few shelves, hooks, and storage containers to diversify the space. Doing so will allow you to store items of various sizes, shapes, and functions.
  8. Invest in a stylish trunk that can double as a bedroom décor piece. Use it to store out-of-season items. This should free up a lot of space for the clothes and shoes you currently need.