Advanced Door Knob & Locks Installation Using Screwdrivers

person measuring a door jam with a tape measureInstalling a new door knob-lock combination kit may be necessary if all other cleaning, tightening and shimming repairs still won’t allow your door to close or lock properly. After all, it is important to maintain, even improve your home’s security so that your safety and personal effects are not vulnerable. To install a new knob-lock combination, you will likely need both flat head and Phillips Screwdrivers. In addition, precision is essential in replacing your old lock with a new knob-lock combination, so you will also need a measuring tape for accuracy.

Installing a New Doorknob-Lock

First, take one of your Phillips screwdrivers to remove the old doorknob. Some knobs may not have screws on the outside. If this is the case with your exterior doorknob, remove the inside doorknob first. Find the catch, which is inside a small hole, and release it with one of your flathead screwdrivers.

Next, take each of the doorknob halves out of the door, leaving a clean open hole from which to measure. Now take your measuring tape and measure inside the hole, as well as the bolt or strike plate. Once you have the exact measurements, purchase a new doorknob-lock combination kit from any local hardware store that will fit the dimensions of your door.

Now you are ready to install your new knob-lock kit. Un-package the new lock and test with a key, push button etc. to insure everything works properly before installing it in the door hole. After you have confirmed it works properly, install the new latch and bolt plate on the door’s edge first. Now take the doorknob half that includes the spindle and insert it into the opening, slipping the other half on the opposite side of the door so that it lines up exactly with the screws.

Finishing It Off

Once aligned and held in place, screw each half together so they are firm and tight. Re-test the knob mechanism as you open and close the door, further testing the locking device to assure everything is in working order.