A Level, Screwdriver, & Wrench For Doorknocker Installation

Doorknockers bring an ordinary front door to life. They serve both a functional purpose, as well as an artful one, creating beauty well beyond the door itself. Any intermediate and advanced handyman can install a beautiful door knocker in a day with some basic tools such as a level, screwdriver, wrench, drill, carpenter’s pencil and other items as indicated on your knocker package.

Choosing a Door Knocker

Door with a door knockerThere are a wide variety of decorative doorknockers to choose from with essentially 2 kinds of installation techniques. Some are secured by drilling through the door and attaching hardware on the door’s backside to keep it in place. Others are attached by screws onto the front side of the door only and require fewer tools such as a screwdriver, drill, pencil, and a level.

Measure and Level Properly

Once you have selected the doorknocker, you will need to decide its placement on the door’s exterior. Make sure it is set at a reasonable height for the average person to access. Take your level from equipsupply.com to ensure the location is not crooked, marking the spot with a carpenter’s pencil. If your doorknocker kit comes with a template, align it so you will see where to drill the holes. If your kit does not include a template, press the knocker’s back against the wood to imprint its lug positions for drilling locations, again marking with your carpenter’s pencil.

Doorknocker Installation

Once the doorknocker’s location has been determined and marked, drill holes as indicated by your template, pencil indicators or imprint, keeping the holes as straight as possible. Now put the knocker into place, affixing it securely with screws, nuts and bolts and any other hardware materials provided with your doorknocker kit.

If you have chosen a doorknocker that is secured though the backside of the door, follow all steps above and any that may be added on your the directions packaging. Drill holes all the way through the door so that attaching hardware components will be in alignment with the doorknocker on the front of the door. Secure by tightening all screws, nuts and/or bolts as directed.