4 Easy DIY Tool Storage Solutions

DIY Tool Storage

If you’ve lived in a house for a couple of years, or even if you rent an apartment, you probably have at least a small collection of tools for repairing items around the house. Tools aren’t cheap either, so you want an organization system that keeps your tools organized and protected. You can go out and spend hundreds of dollars on tool organization systems, but if you’re handy, you can also make your own. Here are four tool storage solution projects that you can use to keep your tools safe and easy to find.

Homemade Pegboard

There are some tools that you use so often that it makes sense to have them in plain sight. Gardening sheers and rakes are a couple of tools that you might like hanging. You could go to the home-improvement store and spend money on a pegboard, but if you have a spare piece of particle board or a flat piece of wood, you can also make your own. Just measure out the distance and draw where you would like each of the peg holes to be, then drill holes where you made your marks. Use wooden dowels or metal hooks to hang your equipment. If you use wooden dowels, make sure that they are strong enough to hold the weight, and glue them in place with wood glue.

Foam Tool Organizer

Foam tool organizers are great for storing small items like pliers and wrenches. You could go to the store and buy one, but you can make a foam tool organizer yourself, too. You’ll need a plastic box with a hinge closure and some black foam. Cut the foam to the size of the box, then use a blade to cut the shape of your tools.

Storage for Glues and Caulk

Sometimes you want a separate container for each item, and PVC pipe is ideal for round containers that you would like stored tidily and within easy reach. Cut the PVC pipe with a circular saw, then sand out the edges until they are smooth. Create a bottom with a piece of wood, plastic, or metal, then attach it with glue. Finally, hang your containers on the side of a wooden storage unit by drilling through the storage unit and PVC pipe.

Storage Table for Larger Tools

Heavy and bulky electrical tools, such as miter saws, drills, and similar equipment need their own secure place. This is the most difficult project on the list, but it’s still simple enough for a novice woodworker. You don’t need to have expensive wood, but you should consider the amount of weight that will be placed on each of the boards. You’ll need to plan each of your cuts and use a miter saw to make each cut. You’ll also want to nail each piece of wood and use wood glue to keep everything firmly in place for the long haul.

There are countless projects that you can undertake. For examples of some of these projects, check out this site.