3 Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Kitchen

Kitchen with several cabinets and organized counter tops

If you have a small kitchen, you might be wondering what you can do about it. Tiny kitchens are difficult to cook in. They begin to look cluttered more quickly than big kitchens do, and there never seems to be enough storage space for dry goods. Having a tiny kitchen can be a nuisance, but you can do a few things to make the room more functional.

Use Every Bit of Wall Space You Can

When you have a tiny kitchen, using every square inch is a must, and you need to be creative about how you store items. For instance, you can store pots on a wall rack and mount knives on a magnetized knife board to free up space in cabinets and drawers. These cabinetry experts describe how custom designed cabinets can help you add storage and make use of small kitchen areas. You can also get creative by making use of wall space. For example, there are many space-saving techniques to store pots. If you have a favorite dish collection, a plate rack is a functional and stylish way to have plates easily accessible. Plates that you love but don’t use very often can be hung on plate hangers as art.

Create a Pantry

There are some items that you don’t want to show off. For instance, although pop art can be stylish, an actual can of tomato soup next to an open box of cereal tipped onto its side isn’t the kind of display that will make others comment on your sophistication. Cabinet space is often a problem in small kitchens, but you can create a pantry for more storage. Renovation experts recommend that if your small kitchen doesn’t have enough storage space for food, consider converting a nearby space into a pantry. Install shelving and a door or curtain to keep the space looking classy when you’re not looking inside for snacks or ingredients.

Convert Part of Your Dining Room

If your dining room is connected to your kitchen, you can use some of the space as storage. This option is especially useful for people who only have small, casual dinners, and it will free up a lot of counter space in the kitchen. For instance, a stand in the dining room can give you a place to store your microwave or coffee maker. You can even use it as the place where you keep all the utensils and ingredients for your coffee and tea. Home decor experts recommend that if your dining room is big enough, you can put a hutch or buffet table in the room to store dishes.

Tiny kitchens can be challenging, but there are a lot of space-saving solutions on the market and even more clever ideas online and in books and magazines. Adding even a few extra feet of counter space and storage can make cooking easier and more fun.

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