Fly Free: 3 Steps to Insect-Proof Your Home

Although insects are important for the environment, no one likes to find them indoors. It may feel impossible to completely insect-proof your home, but there are some steps you can follow to drastically reduce how many bugs you see in your house.

Seal Your House

The number of unsealed gaps in your home may surprise you. Insects can enter through the tiniest gaps, so one of the best ways to keep insects out is to eliminate as many entry points as possible. You check for cracks in the mortar of your house, gaps in your siding, or missing shingles or roof tiles that could also provide access point for pests.

You can install a steel or aluminum threshold underneath your doors to fill in gaps. A door sweep can also cover up the space between the bottom of the door and the floor. To seal the perimeter of a door or window, use a high quality sealant or weather-stripping. If your windows are old, consider replacing them and getting new frames.

Use Herbs

Herbs smell great to humans, but not to insects. Many herbs are great bug repellents and require very little care and maintenance. If you have a problem with ants, try using mint or tansy to get rid of them or to prevent them from coming in. Crumble some leaves and leave them around your house in areas frequented by ants. You can also keep some plants on your windowsill or right outside your door. Having an indoor herb garden can provide you with pest control and some natural greenery during the winter. Mint, tansy, basil, rosemary, and lavender are all effective for keeping away flies. You can also rub mint on your skin to prevent bugs from biting. To drive away mosquitoes, try using lemongrass or lemon balm around your on leaf

Hire Pest Control

If you like the idea of natural or environmentally friendly pest removal, consider contacting an environmentally friendly pest control company. They can perform inspections, treat for existing pests, and give recommendations for preventing infestations in the future. Additionally, because green companies, like Wheaton Pest Control, are committed to not using chemicals that are harmful to the environment, you don’t have to vacate your house or worry about the effect it could have on your family or pets.

The best ways to insect-proof your home are to reduce the number of bugs outside, make your home less desirable for them, and make entry difficult or impossible. Prevention is key in eliminating infestations and making your home more comfortable for you.