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Thousands of kitchen fires erupt unexpectedly throughout the U.S. each year. Causes can be attributed to a variety of factors from faulty wiring, improperly maintained

It is not uncommon to discover mold growth in the attics of older homes. This is particularly true in colder climates, although attic mold can also be

If your home has sustained water damage due to pipes breaking, sink or tub overflows, sewage backup, or floods, some basic steps can eradicate the

Drought conditions have permeated much of the country in the last several years. Particularly hard hit has been the Western US although fires can occur

ver 3,000 people die in America each year due to home fires, most of which can be prevented by using simple fire prevention techniques. Some

Every household should have Safety Products for protection when accident, injury or a natural disaster occurs.  Safety items can include anything from a well stocked