How to Host a Themed Party for Adults

Host a Themed Party for Adults

Having the kids around for parties can be a lot of fun, but sometimes the adults need an opportunity to let their hair down without having to worry about the children. For these occasions, if you have kids, hire a babysitter, and have a great time with your adult friends at a themed party. How do you throw a themed party for adults only? They’re not that different from any other party except for a few things. Here’s how to throw a great one.

Find a Theme

If you’re going to throw a party, find a particular occasion to plan it around. For instance, if it’s Halloween, don’t just stay at home and hand out candy. Have a costume party. The same is true for any other holiday. If it’s a party that you’re throwing when there aren’t any holidays within a couple of weeks, you could also choose to have a theme based on an era or a particular event. This is especially fun for revisiting a time period that everyone remembers. For instance, if you remember teasing your hair in high school during the 80s, you and your guests will have a lot of fun remembering all of the fashion styles that you thought looked great then but now realize were a fashion mistake. Hammer pants, anyone?

Make It an Adult Party

What’s one of the things that makes a party for the adults? Alcohol. Have an open bar so that your guests can fully enjoy a night away from the kids. You could have your party at a restaurant or bar. Hiring one or two bartenders could could streamline the process and make the bar not a congested mess that sometimes happens at parties like this. Trained bartenders make your party safer and more fun by being able to discern when someone needs to stop or take a break. If you don’t love the idea of having a staffed bar, maybe include a bar or table where guests can mix or make their own drinks.  When you do this, you’ll want to ensure that there is a place for people to stay if they’re not up for driving. Or you can hire a shuttle bus to transport anyone when they want to go home.

Encourage Guests to Be Bold With Their Costumes

It’s a themed party, and it’s so much more fun when guests take advantage of the opportunity to become someone else for a night. So make it clear that everyone will be wearing a costume. You can also encourage people to do their best with their costumes by advertising that you will have a competition for the best one.

Themed parties aren’t just for children and teenagers. They can be a great opportunity for adults to get out of their routines and enjoy some vibrant and creative fun.

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