9 Ways to Really Get into the Halloween Spirit

jack-o-lanterns in an erie forest settingThe scariest and most thrilling night of the year is almost upon us. There are those who carry the spirit of Halloween with them all year long, never letting that creepy flame die. But, if you’re one of the people who struggle to get into the Halloween mood, you’re in luck. There are nine guaranteed ways to light your black flame candle and really get into the Halloween spirit.

1. Halloween Attractions

There’s no better way to start off the scariest part of the year than by making a to-do list filled with all of the spooky places and haunted houses in your area. Haunted houses are typically geared more towards adult themes and may not be suitable for younger children. For younger children, consider visiting a corn maze or a costume festival. Spooky places, however, are only for those with a strong heart and nerves of steel. Check out local buildings that are known to be haunted to see if you can have a brush with the paranormal to get you into the Halloween spirit.

2. Scary Movies

Nothing brings the Halloween spirit into your home quite like a scary movie marathon on a dark night. There are many people out there who are in love with Halloween, which has inspired them to create their own personal list of movies that are a must-see during this time of the year. If you haven’t created your own, you can find premade lists online that outline the most beloved cult classics of the season. Many of the spooky movie franchises boast several sequels and accompanying television shows, so you’ll have a different movie to watch every night for the month of October.

3. Horrify Your Lawn

For some people, Halloween is more than just haunted houses and scary movies. For some people, Halloween is a theme. A theme that can be perfectly and passionately emblazoned all over the front yard for the neighborhood to enjoy. Many local department stores will carry outdoor Halloween decorations. Craft stores and seasonal stores will also stock up on spiders, skeletons, tombstones, and spooky lanterns. When you decorate your front yard, be sure to add a trail of lanterns or a string of lights to enhance the lighting and to add an eerie glow to your spooktacular display. Add some decorations that you made yourself for a personalized Halloween display that will impress your neighbors.

4. Shopping For A Costume

Everyone knows that the most exciting detail about the Halloween season is the acquisition of a new costume. Last year’s costume may be old hat or the wrong size by now. This means that it’s time to hunt down the perfect costume for this year’s Halloween. Shopping for a new costume can be done in many ways. You can drive to different stores to try them on in person, or you can shop online. If you’re not able to find a Halloween costume that fits your body type or theme, don’t be afraid to buy the raw materials and craft your own costume.

5. Ghost Stories and Scary Books

Scary skull and jack-o-lanternsThe only thing better than a night filled with scary movies is a night filled with scary stories. The thing about scary movies that most people don’t know is that a lot of them are adaptations of books. Plus, there’s nothing more frightening than reading a book filled with ghost stories as your vivid imagination runs wild. While you’re reading your scary books alone in your home, you’ll begin to hear strange sounds from around the house or feel like someone is watching you. Scary books can amplify your senses in a way that movies can’t. If you don’t want to read, there are spooky podcasts you can listen to instead.

6. Pumpkin Carving

No Halloween is complete without spending the time to carve pumpkins. Pumpkins are an essential part of the Halloween season. From the pumpkin that the Headless Horseman has on his head to the many movies and stories that feature a pumpkin as a centerpiece, you simply cannot ignite your Halloween spirit without a pumpkin. Carving pumpkins has become so popular that every store has started selling pumpkin carving kits with stencils to create both cute and scary faces.

7. Creepy Cooking

Cooking can be an incredibly fun way to incorporate the Halloween spirit into your daily life. There is a myriad of Halloween-themed cooking recipes to be found online. Even food companies will print Halloween-themed recipes on their food products during this time of year. Don’t hesitate to print out a few Halloween cooking recipes, buy the ingredients at the store, and spend the evening cooking and baking your spooky heart out into a ghoulish feast of magic and delight.

8. Embrace The Supernatural

Halloween is more than just a fun holiday filled with candy to some people. To people who follow the ancient Pagan religions, Halloween is really just a commercialized version of their highest holiday Samhain. This is a time of the year when the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is thinnest. Halloween, or Samhain, is a time of great energy and power. This is a coveted time of the year for contacting the spirits using tools of divination such as pendulums, tarot cards, psychic readings, and ouija boards.

9. Ambient Music

Music speaks to your soul in a way that words cannot. To bring the spirit of Halloween into your home and into your heart, you simply need to create a playlist of your favorite Halloween songs and play it on repeat.

While Halloween is a fun holiday meant for light-hearted spooks, always exercise caution when engaging in any Halloween-related activity. Wear reflective items while outside at night. Wear protective gear when working with Halloween decorations that run on electricity. Don’t make your Halloween a night to remember due to personal injury or property damage.

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