Arts & Crafts: Fall Craft Projects for Kids

Fall is a wonderful time of the year for children to harness their creativity. And they certainly have plenty of inspiration with the shift in weather, the changing colors of leaves, and Halloween around the corner. The following arts and crafts projects will bring out the artistic side of a child, while giving parents decorative pieces to display around the house.Kid Painting Handprint on Paper

A Fall Handprint Wreath: Supplies needed include paper plates, colorful construction paper, washable paint colors, glue, fake or real fall leaves, ribbon, and scissors. You or an older child will need to assist with steps that involve cutting and gluing, depending on the age of the child. First, create the base of the wreath by cutting out the middle of the paper plate. Next, using a paintbrush and the different colored paints, the child will need to make a series of colorful handprints. (They will need to wash their hands between the different colors.) Have them press their painted hand on construction paper of various colors. In the end, there should be a mix and match of colorful handprints. Cut out the handprints and tie a ribbon around the ring to make a loop (for hanging once complete.) Glue the leaves around the wreath and then glue the handprints – arrange in any way the child prefers. Allow the wreath to dry completely and hang on the wall, a door, or over a window.

Q-Tip Painted Fall Tree: This is an easy but fun and creative art project for children of all ages. You will need a handful of Q-tips, a white sheet of paper, autumn-inspired paint colors, and a small paintbrush. Have the child start by making the trunk of the tree with brown paint and add a few branches. They can then fill in the leaves on the tree using Q-tips and paint – the dots will start looking like a tree.

Craft stick Scarecrows: Supplies needed include craft sticks, felt, googly eyes, tacky glue, cardstock, and markers. Before the children begin, cut out the following parts of the scarecrow – the hat, hair (7 small rectangles), and nose from felt using different colors. Get the kids started by cutting out a square from cardstock and attaching the craft sticks with glue to keep them sturdy. Glue on the hair and then the hat. Attach the googly eyes and nose to the scarecrow, before drawing a mouth with a black marker. Finally, attach a ribbon on the back to hang!