Arts & Crafts: Creative Ways to Display Jewelry & Accessories

Several necklaces displayed on a bright backdropShopping for jewelry and accessories is fun, and the more you pile them up in a single jewelry box or drawer, the more you think you don’t have enough! Displaying jewelry in an artistic way can add an appealing touch to your room, while allowing you to actually see all the beautiful pieces you already have. Here are some creative ways to display jewelry and accessories in the bedroom or closet:

Simple bulletin board display – All you need is an old bulletin board, a yard of linen, spray adhesive, a staple gun, and individual nail heads. This is an easy, yet bold solution for displaying earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, belts, etc. in one space. Once all the jewelry has been placed on the board, you’ll have a colorful focal point!

Vase display – For women who don’t have many pieces, try draping accessories over a few colorful vases, which can be purchased at a thrift shop. Bracelets can be stacked in matching bowls, while a ceramic egg plate can hold earrings and rings. The combined look of the vases, bowls, and egg carton will look like an art display once you’re done.

For the Grater Good – If earrings are your weakness, grab your old metal cheese grater from the kitchen and spray paint it to add a pop of color. Now you’ve got a retro piece to hang all your earrings.

Rustic Driftwood Hanger – Driftwood projects add a rustic charm to any space, and depending on the season and your location, you may be able to pick it up for free. For the jewelry hanger, you’ll need the driftwood (or a branch), masking tape, paints and brushes, screw-in hooks, a hammer, pliers, and picture hangers. The bigger the piece of driftwood, the more dramatic the final look, and the more jewelry you will be able to hang.

Tiered Tray – Using pretty old saucers (either from your garage or a thrift shop), shot glasses, and heavy-duty glue, create a tiered tray. Place your accessories on the saucer levels. Because of the fragile nature of this piece, you may opt to use this piece for your best accessories. Or, if space permits, create multiple trays of different styles and colors.