2016 Home Décor Trends

Whether you live in a compact city apartment or a sprawling suburban mansion, giving your home a fresh look is easy with a new coat (and color) of paint and trending home décor tricks. Colors, patterns, and styles that have been “in” for years, may be on their way out. To give your home a truly modern update, here are some new, inspirational, and fashionable ways to decorate your space.

  • Experiment with bringing aspects of nature into your home as greenery will be a big trend, inside and out. Mini potted plants, wooden serving platters, and side tables made from tree trunks are just some examples of how you can apply this theme to your home.potted plants on the windowsill
  • Locally made décor can be incorporated into your home in the form of tassels, hand-made rugs, and colorful baskets. Mix your unique neighborhood finds with mass produced furniture to blend traditional design with cutting edge style.
  • Incorporate shades of pink, red, and peach into your décor. Throw pillows, bold vases, or table runners are items that may be used to add this pop of color without overwhelming an entire room.
  • Function meets design in the coming year, as useless items will be “out” in favor of pieces that look good, but also serve a specific purpose – or multiple purposes. For example, concrete blocks that act as bedside cubbies, a colorful screen that divides rooms, or stained coffee crates that work as a center table are all example of working décor.
  • Pendant light fixtures will edge out chandeliers. Infuse character into your home with pendant lighting that can take the mood from festive to intimate in a matter of minutes. With so many styles, colors, and shapes to choose from, you may even decide to create a clustered look.
  • Warm metals such as brass and gold are in, but copper, bronze, and rose tones will rein supreme in terms of popularity. Examples of applying this trend include your kitchen backsplash, statement lamps, dining room chairs, candleholders, artwork, or even drapes.
  • Colorful, tropical motifs are on the rise. Envision trays, vases, or wallpaper in a jungle-inspired print.
  • One room getting plenty of attention is the bathroom. Incorporating relaxing spa elements will become an “in” thing. The simple act of adding a bench, plants, or dim lights is enough to make you feel more relaxed.

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