Year: 2014

Some of the most distinctive bookends have been crafted from portions of recycled furniture such as old legs or antique bedposts. Converting old furniture parts

It is not uncommon to discover mold growth in the attics of older homes. This is particularly true in colder climates, although attic mold can also be

If your home has sustained water damage due to pipes breaking, sink or tub overflows, sewage backup, or floods, some basic steps can eradicate the

With spring and summer approaching, power outages can occur unpredictably as a result of violent weather in some parts of the nation. As a responsible

In our previous blog we discussed stone and brick retaining walls that increased strength as well as beauty. In this blog we will present even

If you have already built a retaining wall out of railroad ties, you will undoubtedly understand the basic elements and items required for construction. Much

Regardless of the season, having a handy coat rack just inside the door or hallway can be convenient. What’s more, it doesn’t take a rocket

With the festival season well underway, millions of fans around the world are loading up their tents and coolers and shelling out cash to travel