New Rotor Installed and Still No Pressure Reddy Heaters Hate Bubbles What can cause excessive odor with a propane heater? How to test a photocell:

Reddy Heater Spark Plug(PP211) Installation Reddy Heater Spark Plug (PP212) Installation Filter Replacement Instructions Product & Techincal Manuals How to replace the rotor (air pump)

What model heater do I have? REDDY HEATER Parts Low-Pressure Heater Parts Reference Charts MASTER Heater Parts: Low-Pressure Parts Reference ALL-PRO Heater Parts Low-Pressure Parts

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When troubleshooting, use soapy water. Find and stop ALL bubbles before you move on! Bubbles mean a loss of air pressure and reduced fuel delivery. These heaters are not

The heater will run as long as the control valve is pressed. According to DESA test these parts. NOTE: Not all heaters are equipped with

First, this test can be dangerous if you are not familiar with electricity. Don’t attempt if you are not experienced- see a professional! Remove the

Annual Replacement Recommended PP212 Unplug heater Remove upper shell and plastic fan grill(if equipped) Remove fan For kerosene models, disconnect air line, fuel line Disconnect