Weekend Warrior: Easy Home Office Makeover Ideas

Working from home allows individuals the flexibility of completing tasks at their own pace, take breaks without being judged, and wear informal attire if desired. But it’s not all fun and games. Distractions at home may be just as plentiful as distractions in a corporate office. Working alone may also mean more clutter since there is no one around to impress.

Giving the home office a fresh look can be done within a weekend – even for beginner DIYers. A fresh coat of paint can completely update the look of a space, and is very easy to do. Here are other easy ways to update a home office during the course of a weekend.

  • As obvious as it may seem, clearing out the clutter can do wonders to updating the look of a home office. Chances are the space will look bigger and brighter. Start with the desk, move on to the bookshelves, and remove miscellaneous or unnecessary objects that do not belong in an office.
  • Rearrange the furniture to maximize outside views. The room will feel bigger and brighter.
  • If the office space is very small or in the nook of a hallway, tuck a bookshelf into an unused wall for a built-in look. Having a bookshelf will help minimize the amount of objects required on top of the desk, allowing for less clutter.
  • Build or invest in storage. Storage can mean different things to different people depending on the size, location, and layout of the office. Storage bins are great for workers who work with physical products/samples, while corkboards may suffice for those who do not require much paper, books, or items.
  • Adding color to a space can provide much-needed inspiration. Painting one wall in a bright color can add some character to a home office. Purchasing office supplies that add pops of color is also a way to increase visual stimulation. Examples include purchasing a pink stapler, bright pens, or neon penholder. Just make sure to stick to 2-3 main colors that complement each other.
  • Dress the walls up with art that reflects your personality and interests. If art is not appealing to you, choose a few pictures you have taken, get them printed, buy some cool frames, and hang them to add an element of design.
  • Strategically placing a lamp or two around the office will increase the desk-level lighting, while also adding instant style to the room. Whether your taste is modern, kitschy, or traditional, lamps are a great way to give your office a new look.