Weekend Warrior: Garage Door Projects

Illustrated house with 2 garage doorsGarage doors are susceptible to fading, chipping, and rusting, given their exposure to various weather conditions. Ensuring that garage doors are functional and appealing can increase the resale value of a home because they play a significant role when it comes to curb appeal. There are various ways to upgrade garage doors over the course of a weekend. Below are options that may work as stand-alone projects or side by side projects, depending on a homeowner’s preference.

Carriage Style Garage: Add some decorative hardware to garage doors to create a carriage style look. There are many options to chose from including a spear tip, arrow tip, round tip, etc. Opt for metal hardware instead of plastic, and use a drill and screwdriver to install.

Faux Wood Finish: Upgrade worn-out aluminum garage doors with an easy-to-apply gel stain. It may be best to practice on a sample board first to ensure that the finished look will match the exterior of the house. Other steps include cleaning the door thoroughly before starting work, taping off the door to create a desired pattern, and completing the staining process.

Energy Saving Insulation: Insulating garage doors can keep the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It can also reduce street noise. Determine your desired type of insulation for the garage doors and cut the material to match the length of the panel door. Mount the insulation on the door and tuck it under the lip and corners.

De-clutter and Add Storage: Adding shelves above garage doors is a smart way to utilize wasted space. To create suspended shelving, measure from the ceiling to the top of the raised garage door – subtract one inch to determine the height of the side 2x4s. Build three identical shelf supports; align the side supports; predrill and lag screw each into the center of the ceiling joists. Use 3/8-inch plywood for the shelf base and attach plywood to the 2×4 shelf supports using 1-inch wood screws. Store tools and other equipment either in container tubs or directly on the plywood. Just be sure not to overload.

Fresh Coat of Paint: Sometimes all that’s needed to revamp the look of the house is a fresh coat of paint on the garage doors. This can mean using the same color, or trying a completely different hue to give the house some extra interest.