Weekend Warrior: Doghouse Construction

illustrated dog houseBuilding a shelter for dogs is essential, particularly in regions of the country where there are extreme changes in weather. To ensure protection against heat, humidity, rain, snow, and freezing temperatures, you must create a safe environment for your dog. Assembling a simple doghouse can be completed over the course of a weekend. Keep in mind that the doghouse should be proportional to the size of your pet – there is no need to build a huge space for a small dog.

Purchase the necessary tools from EquipSupply.com: circular saw, hammer, multi-bits screwdriver, file, tape measure, ruler, protractor, a pair of compasses, and a power drilling machine. In terms of material, pick up plywood sheets, 2×2 studs, one drywall bull nose, screws, nails, 8 L-shaped braces, and 2 T-shaped braces.

First, put together the framing, cutting 4 identical sections for the length of the house, 4 identical sections for the width of the house, and 6 identical sections for the height of the house. Assemble 2 of the length section pieces with 2 of the width sections pieces to act as the bottom of the frame. Redo the same step with the other pieces to make the top of the frame. Screw the 6 remaining sections perpendicular to the bottom section with longer screws, and secure them at the top of the frame as well.

Next, start assembling front and back siding. Measure the total width and height of the frame from the step above and draw it twice on a piece of plywood – one for the front and one for the back. Add a triangular top and cut out the shape with the help of a saw. Add interior reinforcement to the front and back siding.

With the front and back siding done, install the left and right siding by measuring the total width and height of the frame, drawing the measurements onto a sheet of plywood, cutting the piece out, and nailing the piece onto the structure.

Using the pair of compasses, determine where to create the opening for your dog. Cut the opening carefully with the saw. Measure, cut, and nail in the bottom (floor) of the doghouse. Once the floor is done, cut and install the roof pieces. Cut and nail the drywall bull nose to cover the gap between the two roof sections to prevent water from leaking through. Finally, add decorations, patterns, or paint to enhance the look of the doghouse, if desired.