Tips on having a safe and healthy holiday season

It’s time for a little holiday cheer, but where to begin?

1:Decorate! Never underestimate the power of decorating to spice things up. There’s something magical about turning on the Christmas lights and hearing Christmas tunes play while drinking a hot cup of chocolate. We have holiday string lights and exterior lights to help add a little shine to your holiday decor.

2: Grab a ladder! A lot of us have to climb to decorate like we really want for the holiday season. Having a reliable and sturdy ladder, like the ones we carry by Little Giant, can really make a difference. These light weight ladders are durable and can help you get to hard to reach places. Check out the variety of ladders by Little Giant.

3.Stay Clean: 2020 has been a strange year with a series of unfortunate events the biggest being Covid 19. With cleaners being very difficult to find many of us have turned to hand sanitizer when we can’t grab a bar of soap to help keep our hands clean. We’ve got that too with the PureSafety Gel Hand Sanitizer.

4.Stay warm. The holidays come accompanied with much cooler temps. A good pair of gloves and a nice cap can help you stay warm while putting up those decorations. Check out our assortment of work gloves for any job and while you’re at it we have Panther Vision caps to keep your head warm while being able to see when it’s dark.

However you plan to celebrate this holiday season stay safe and enjoy the little things!