Safety & Sanitation – How to Manage A Home Renovation with Hired Crew

construction workerIf you’ve hired a contractor and crew to complete major renovation work in your home, there are some issues you’ll likely have to address. Having strangers work in your personal space may seem like a major inconvenience, but maintaining an attitude of professionalism is a must. Being overly friendly can come back to haunt you, while displaying any form of hostility will only make the project more stressful. Expect to deal with the following issues:

Interaction – The best thing any homeowner can do when it comes to interacting with a hired crew is stay out of the way. They have been hired to deliver a specific service. Hanging around to talk or observe will result in an awkward situation. Carry about your day normally while letting the crew know you are around, in case questions arise.

Valuables – Do not leave valuables or meaningful items lying around. Unless you know the crew personally, there is always a small chance that things can go missing.

Communication – Questions or concerns about the project should go to the team leader or straight to the contractor. Do not ask other crew members for status updates.

Bathroom – Before signing the contract for work on your house, consider if you would be okay letting crewmembers use the bathroom. Your decision may be based on the number of bathrooms in your home or how strongly you feel about cleanliness. If you opt against bathroom use, consider including a portable bathroom on site that can be drained, cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized on a regular basis.

Comfort – There is no need to offer snacks, lunch, or water on a daily basis, but doing so every now and then to show your appreciation is okay. If the crew is working outside during the winter, their supervisor should have a heating device such as a natural gas heater onsite. In the event that the boss has neglected to set workers up with a heat source, you may want to allow them to come in for a few minutes to warm up.

Safety – Clear out the area being renovated to allow the crew to move around freely without danger of hurting themselves or damaging your personal items.