Safety Products For Family Safety Part 1

First aid kitEvery household should have Safety Products for protection when accident, injury or a natural disaster occurs.  Safety items can include anything from a well stocked first aid kit to safety glasses for the home handyman.  Another kind of safety or emergency item you should have is a working flashlight, complete with extra batteries.  In fact, it is even better to have multiple flashlights of different varieties, from the basic hand held flashlight to a multi-purpose lantern that can cover larger areas of the home or yard in case you lose electricity.

General Safety Products

For a family with children or a household where one or more adults serve as a handyman or is a craft practitioner, the following safety products should be readily accessible:

  • First Aid Kit: We recommend having an over-large or even industrial size first aid kit for a busy household with 4 or more in the family.  It should have several bandage options, antibiotic ointment, disinfectants, gauze, scissors and a small eye flush bottle, among other items.  Recommended: ACME 4-shelf Industrial First Aid Station.
  • Safety Glasses: For the home handyman or crafter working with saws, wood stains/paints, and other toxic or loose materials that could spray, we strongly encourage purchasing protective eyewear.  Safety glasses now come in many styles, including polarized lenses that protect from sun exposure.  Recommended brands: MCR Safety and GR Rapids Industrial Products.
  • Work/Rubber Gloves: For anyone performing tasks around the house using harsh chemicals, detergents and tools, we encourage you to wear safety gloves to protect against cuts and abrasions.  Recommended brand: Revco.
  • Dust Masks: Dust masks are ideal when working with noxious fumes created by glues, paints and stains.  They can also protect against dust, fiberglass and other fine airborne particles. Recommended; SAS Safety.
  • Back Support Belt: If you are lifting heavy items around the house, garage or workshop, even clearing brush in the back yard, we strongly suggest wearing a back support belt.  Recommended: SAS Safety.

Emergency Lighting Options

When you have to have either extra light or emergency light, stocking your home with flashlights in multiple locations can reduce accidents from insufficient lighting.  Every family should have a handheld flashlight in major rooms of the house.  In addition, we encourage purchasing lanterns that increase visibility for large workspace or during power outages.  Lighting options include:

  • Handheld flashlights: Ray-O-Vac carries many fine models for the home and workshop.  Check out equipsupply’s extensive inventory to select the model(s) that work best for your family.  For stronger light coverage, Remington makes a powerful high performance spotlight.
  • Lanterns: Aervoe Industries makes several lantern models, some of which include emergency flashers, ultrasonic mosquito repellent, AM/FM radio, a siren, a hook hanger, and more.