From Submersible Pumps To Generators

Generac Portable GeneratorWhether you live in a flood plain or not, it is wise to protect your property the best way you can from unwanted sewage backup or flooding due to accumulated ground water from heavy rains. To protect your home, two basic Electric Tools can help. By installing a submersible pump that evacuates fluids, water is automatically expelled when it reaches a certain level. Additional electric tools that will keep pumping going in the event of a power outage include portable generators, standby generators, as well as backup battery equipment. All told, these items can prevent a lot of headaches when flooding occurs.

Submersible Pumps

Also known as sump pumps, the submersible pump is a common electrical tool that contains a sealed motor. The entire pumping assembly is set in a cavity resting below ground level in the basement. The submersible pumps’ function is to remove fluid through a pushing force. Submersible pumps are used for homes in low-lying areas, near creek beds, or to prevent flooding when the ground becomes saturated with rainwater or sewage backs up.

Equip Supply has several Koshin submersible pumps effective for residential or even small to mid-size commercial properties, two of which are profiled below:

  • 2” Submersible 1 HP Pump: This compact and lightweight pump is double sealed for protection. Its performance is aided when water is funneled via the outer wall, which continually cools its motor facilitating long-lasting use.
  • 2” Submersible 1/2 HP Pump: Pumps down to floor level within 1mm. Built-in check valve keeps liquid in the pump, eliminating any “back-flow”. Built-in thermal protector turns off the power supply in case of overload operation.

Portable Generators Keep Pumps Operating

In the past few years, America has sustained numerous catastrophic weather events, from hurricanes to severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Portable generators are invaluable in providing a temporary energy source that keep submersible pumps going. They can even operate lights and some appliances, depending on the fuel tank and wattage of the generator you choose.

Equip Supply has a number of highly efficient Briggs & Stratton generators. Two of our popular models are profiled below:

  • Briggs & Stratton 7000w Elite Generator: This Elite Series generator comes with a 7 gallon fuel tank that provides approximately 9 hours of run time at a 50% load. Versatile, it operates on either 120v or 240v power and comes with rubber outlet covers for water protection.
  • Briggs & Stratton 10,000w Pro Portable Generator: This powerful 10k wattage Pro Series portable generator can keep a lot of appliances going, including submersible pumps. Ideal for large homes, construction sites and commercial buildings, the 10K Pro Generator comes with a 7 gallon fuel tank and can operate for approximately 7 hours at half capacity. Runs on either 120 or 240 voltage.