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Sanitation Supply is a big category encompassing a wide variety of products and purposes. One sanitation sub-category is cleaning floors, walls and surfaces that need periodic power cleaning or refurbishment. While this can be a challenge for the intermediate user just starting out, tackling these areas can improve the shine on hardwood floors, prepare them for staining, and make an otherwise dull floor come to life.

Woman sanding a floor with a power sanderOf course sanitation supply products are not only used for the interior home or office. Some exterior surfacing may require periodic debris removal, cracked paint removal, and the like, to improve both the cosmetic and functional quality of the surface. Consequently, knowing the proper cleaning supplies and cleaning products and understanding their benefits, will help the intermediate user to maintain floors and walls at a higher level, whether indoors or outside.

Three Product Categories for Home Or Office


Similar to floor buffers, electric burnishers produce a high gloss shine that cleans and polishes hard floor surfaces such as wood or stone. The great advantage of using burnishers is that they can clean large areas much faster than non-electrical equipment and muscle power, producing a near ‘wet look’ shine. We recommend the Pullman Holt 20# Burnisher to produce an excellent shine on your home or office floors.


If you are thinking about upgrading the look and stain of a hardwood floor, you will need to sand down the old wood planks and smooth it out before staining. To do this, you’ll require a high quality stand-up drum or orbital sander to produce the best results. While it’s possible to ‘sand by hand’, the time it would take would be exhaustive. Hence, to refurbish wood prior to staining, stand-up sanders are recommended as they cover more surface area at a more comfortable operational position. For a drum sander, we recommend the Clarke EZ8 Floor Sander (two models are available.) Or, if you prefer an orbital sander, we recommend the Clarke Orbital Sander W/Dust Control.

Pressure Washers

Similar to some garden hose nozzles, pressure washers clean large surface areas of loose paint, dust or grime by combining massive amounts of velocity, or force, and water. They can be used inside or out on either walls or concrete pavement in preparation for subsequent repairs, painting or refurbishment. Depending upon the amount of pressure you need to clean a specific surface, we suggest getting advice from’s customer service department on which pressure washer will be most effective for your project. Pressure washer capacities range from 2500 PSI’s to 4000 PSI’s. BE Pressure Supply and Briggs & Stratton pressure washers provide exceptional outcomes for your cleaning or restoration project.

Caution: Consumers should read all product and safety information on each product before using. Improper use of any power tool can cause serious injury.