Advanced Culling & Organization

warehouse worker with a broomMost storage rooms, sheds or garages at home or in the work place need reorganization and a good cleaning periodically. This typically requires culling unused items, as well as a good scrubbing using reliable cleaning supplies to prevent damage of tools and equipment you will keep. In fact, sometimes a storage area can become so dirty that using dust masks is necessary to even begin the sort process. Powerful sanitation supplies will help with subsequent cleaning once you’ve removed unwanted items. But first, developing a good strategy to complete your task is required.

Basic Organization Of Tasks

Organizing the job ahead will save time and aggravation in the long run. The basic steps for cleaning storage areas include:

  • Removing items out of the area in preparation for culling and cleaning
  • Separating out unused items for discard or donation
  • Sorting items that you will keep
  • Cleaning storage room with sanitation supplies
  • Upgrading storage containers or systems when warranted
  • Organizing like items to be re-stored.

Basic Supplies You Will Need

If you do not already have them, you may need to purchase cleaning supplies such as brooms, mops, buckets, scrub brushes and detergents. Depending on what has been stored and dust build-up that exists, you may also need to purchase dust masks for protection. has an extensive inventory of all these items for your convenience.

In addition to sanitation supplies, you may want to upgrade storage containers, peg boards for hanging loose items, and/or wooden pallets to keep certain items better protected from floor moisture or for easy retrieval. If you are storing larger equipment, you may even want to invest in blue poly tarp for added protection.

The Essential Process And Tips

Once you have separated out unused or damaged items, either pitch them or haul to the dump or donation center. Next, sort the remaining like items you want to keep, cleaning any that are dirty or dusty with a damp cloth and cleaning solution. This step will be followed by a thorough cleaning of the storage room or shed itself, which typically involves sweeping floors, removing cobwebs, and scrubbing all surfaces that are dirty.

Once this task is completed, you will be ready to move stored items back into the storage area. To better protect your items, you may need to upgrade storage containers or shelving. Once things have been put in new or existing containers, return items to the appropriate area of the room and label for convenience, making sure large items are covered and floors are free of extraneous items to ensure a safe walking space.