What can cause excessive odor with a propane heater?

Excessive odor can be caused by any condition that disrupts the factory specifications regarding Airflow or Fuel flow. A disruption in either will create a condition that is not allowing complete combustion of the fuel that is being delivered.

Things to check:

  • Is the motor turning specified rpm’s?
  • Is the fan in like new condition or are the blades bent or missing.
  • Check inside the combustion chamber for the following: insects, insect nests, rodent nests, dirty or faulty orifice, rusted out chamber, dented chamber, or any other condition that can disrupt the flow of fuel or air.
  • Check for a faulty LP regulator. A faulty LP regulator will deliver more fuel to the combustion chamber than can be burned. This will create odor and possibly unsafe conditions. Most of these heaters require less than 1 psi, which is very minimal, and difficult to calibrate without specialized equipment.

Tips courtesy of Phillip H.