What’s In Your Toolbox?

Whether you are a homeowner or just renting, there are times when you need to fix things that break or need repairing around the house. Knowing what hand tools or even simple construction tools you might need is important. Being prepared before something breaks with the right construction supplies could actually prevent a larger problem from occurring, one that could create greater damage down the road.

What’s In Your Toolbox: The Basics

ToolboxThe most common tools you will want to have in your toolbox include:

  • Hammers
  • Screwdrivers (both Flat Heads and Phillips)
  • Pliers (also available with different heads
  • Wrenches (in different sizes, varieties)
  • Tape measure
  • Vise grip
  • Drill
  • Saw(s)
  • Chisels
  • Knives
  • A Level

This is only a beginner’s list for the home handyman. Depending on the kind of repairs you might need to make or the kinds of projects you expect to do around your house, some specialized construction tools may also be desirable to have. For now, the hand tools list above should enable you to fix the most common problems that occur.

Basic Tool Usage

If you are a new homeowner and are unfamiliar with some of what the above tools might be used for, we have included a short list of uses below:

• Hammers are typically used for tightening nails so that a particular item remains stable and secure. We recommend several sized hammers, with lesser or greater heft, be included in your toolbox.

• Screwdrivers tighten loose screws on anything from common household items such as door knobs, pots and pans, battery ports, and a wide array of other things. Every toolbox should have different size screwdrivers and head varieties.

• Pliers are needed for numerous repairs, from affixing wires securely, trimming or cutting a portion of wires/items, to bending things into place. Again, it is important to have several kinds of pliers such as needle nose, diagonal, lock grip goove joint, and linesman.

• Steel pipe wrenches are often required for plumbing repairs, from loosening toilet pipes to remove and install new pipe to tightening nuts and bolts on lawnmowers. Several different varieties and sizes are recommended, depending on your skill level and interest.

• A Vice Grip holds items in place while working on repairs where you need either both hands to complete the repair or in conjunction with other tool usage.

• Knives are often required to cut a wide variety of household items, from tape to sheet plastic to removing glue or putty.

• Drills and Drill Bits are used to make holes in walls to hang pictures or shelves, or even simple construction project such as building a deck.

Additional Materials For The Home Handyman

Besides hand tools, there are common materials that are often needed to complete a repair. In addition to the tools noted above, you should also have the following items:

Wires (both metal and electrical)

The hand tools and materials recommended above are the most commonly used to make ordinary repairs around the house. Check out equipsupply.com’s extensive inventory of items you may be missing to complete your personal toolbox.