Using An Auto Safety Funnel For Oil Changes & Coolants

pouring oil into a car engine with a funnelPerforming a variety of simple car maintenance tasks can save the home handyman both money and time. For example, in an hour or less you can change your own oil and oil filter typically for under $20, depending on oil grade and filter products you choose to purchase. You can also save money by buying oil in case lots at a reduced price. Performing periodic radiator flushes and adding coolant will also help defray the cost of intermittent maintenance necessary to keep your car running efficiently. What’s more, investing in the right kind of gear such as Equipsupply’s No-Spill containers that shut off automatically once full, will help you get the job done without mishap.

Changing Your Oil and Filter

First, park your car on level ground then jack it up for oil drain access. Next, unscrew the drain plug to your oil pan and empty all old oil into a recyclable container. Once drained completely, reinstall the drain plug. Now find your oil filter and remove with an oil filter wrench ensuring that the rubber gasket also is removed along with it.

Next, lubricate the new filter’s rubber gasket and fill the filter approximately 2/3’s full with clean oil. Fasten the new filter into place tightly being careful not to strip the threads. You are now ready to add the new oil!

Open the car hood and remove the oil cap, filling the oil reservoir with oil via a filter and the auto safety funnel. Check with the dipstick to make sure you have the right amount without overfilling and, once confirmed, screw the cap back on tightly and you are done.

The Radiator Flush and Coolant Change

Don’t try this until your car is completely cooled. Once cooled, find and remove the radiator drain plug, draining the contents into a recyclable coolant container using your auto stop funnel. Once emptied, replace the plug.

Now remove the radiator cap and, using a clean auto stop funnel, add radiator flush liquid and water, after which you will recap and run your car’s engine for approximately 10 minutes until hot. After 10 minutes, stop your car engine and wait for it to cool. Then, remove the drain plug and empty the flush fluid into the coolant receptacle. You are almost done. Now replace the drain plug and with your auto stop funnel, fill your clean radiator with 50% water and 50% coolant before reinstalling the cap.