Tools For Responsible Car Owners

Set of tools - sockets, wrenchMany people believe they can just get into their car and drive.  They believe the car will take care of itself, and if there’s a problem, they can always go to the mechanic.  But a car is not only an investment, it is a complex machine that is an integral part of daily life. In reality, it is a good idea to have some familiarity with your vehicle and a rudimentary understanding of some basic mechanics.  Everyone should prepare a toolkit in their car in case of emergencies and understand how to fix small problems and this toolkit can save you a fortune in future repairs and with any accident lawyers.  A well-stocked toolkit may  also help you if you are stranded without a shop in sight.

Jumper Cables

No matter what condition a car is in, careless drivers often forget to shut off the lights, or leave other devices on which drains the battery.  A pair of jumper cables is considered a basic necessity to have on hand so you are able to jump start your car.  An unexpected drained battery is rare with advances in automotive technology, but if you are still driving an older vehicle, jumper cables are an absolute must.

Flat Tire Repairs

Everyone should have the ability to change a flat tire if necessary.  Regardless of the features and specs on modern vehicles, a tire can still easily blow out or gradually run flat.  Before your drive, it’s a good idea to always check your tire pressure and refill it at a gas station with free air when available.  If you do get a flat on the road, you should have a jack, a lug wrench, a spare tire and even a portable tire inflator in your trunk.  If you are missing any pieces of equipment, be sure to restock and only use the best quality for your repairs.  Remember to place your flat tire underneath the car in case the jack fails and the car drops.


This may seem like a no-brainer.  A flashlight is one of the most necessary things to have in your vehicle in case of emergencies.  You’ll find it invaluable when changing a tire or when searching for something you’ve lost on a dark night or in the middle of a storm.

Convenient Multi-Function Tools

For convenience and space-saving benefits, it is hard to beat our Speedway Start to Finish 4-in-1 Power Station. It provides all of the essentials in a single, convenient package.

Tools are an important part of any driver’s repertoire.  We are often unaware of our vehicles needs that we forget it’s important to have the ability to make small repairs.  If you’d like to be a more savvy driver in the future, purchase and keep these necessary items in your car’s toolkit to make sure you’ll enjoy driving for years to come.