Smart Home Technologies – 5 Gadgets and Tech Tools Every New Home Needs

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Homeowners these days are consistently looking for new technology to add another layer of security to their home, to save a little on heating and cooling costs and to make cooking more comfortable and relaxed. Smart home technologies have made it easier keep an eye on what goes in your home (and outside) and have become popular with people the world over. Here are a few smart home technologies that you might find interesting –


Thermostats which can be programmed have been there for a while, but most people don’t tend to use them properly to save on costs. The new-generation devices monitor your usage pattern like temperature preferences for a period and self-program itself to mimic your usage. A self-programmed thermostat can cut costs and can be controlled using a handheld device.

Smart home appliances

TV sets are becoming smarter, and so are the sound systems. Controlling them from your mobile device is easy. Along with these, most appliances have been made internet enabled too. For instance, washing machines and dryers which enable people to monitor laundry cycles on smartphones. Smaller appliances like grills and ovens also come with a digital thermometer, and you get real-time alerts when your food is cooked to the temperature you desired.

Security systems

Security solutions are becoming more and more sought after smart home technologies as people can keep an eye on their home afar. From easy to use web cameras to complete home security systems, people have become more aware of securing their homes. You should note that these systems can be virtually intruded and it’s in your best interest to go for a professional security solutions provider.

Smoke/carbon monoxide detector

Moving from their traditional usage, smart smoke detectors can be used to identify and tell you about the problem and whether it is a situation of immediate danger. Some of them can also communicate with thermostats and can shut the gas furnace should the content of carbon monoxide is high.

Smart lighting

If you are looking for energy efficiency lighting, then you can switch to smart lighting. It has automated controls which adjust the light in a room based on factors like daylight availability and occupancy. You can control them using your smartphone or tablet using WiFi or Bluetooth.

Smart home gadgets have become common and more affordable.


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