Installing Freestanding Outdoor Light Posts

Light post turned onAdding a freestanding light pole to your yard can not only illuminate walkways but also provide an additional landscaping feature in the process. It only takes a bit of ingenuity, an attractive light pole and the necessary lighting parts to complete the task. Electrical Parts you will need include the light post, possible decorative light strings, compatible light fixture parts for the pole design you have chosen, as well as whatever landscaping features needed to set off the free-standing pole you buy.

Choosing The Location And Lamppost

There are many fine freestanding lampposts on the market today. First, though, you will need to determine where you want to place it in your yard. Some homeowners select a spot alongside a walkway to provide extra lighting. Others choose to ‘plant’ the pole in the yard to create not only additional but also one that will serve as a landscaping feature. Once you have determined where your post will go, choose the style best suited for that location. Electrical parts necessary for installation will be dependent, in part, on where and how you install it, as well as the manufacturer’s guidelines and enclosed products that come with the pole you purchase.

Planting The Pole

Begin by obtaining information from power and gas companies as to where their power lines run in your yard. Mark these areas to prevent hitting anything when digging for the hole, while also situating it in adequate proximity to your power source. Next, cut the pole’s concrete form to manufacturer’s specifications, pulling the power cable through the form to the power connection you will be using.
You will now need to dig a hole approximately 18 inches deep/wide to plant the pole’s concrete from in, followed by a trench to connect the power cord to your electrical source. Next, pull the electrical conduit in the trench before filling it in. All of this will be explained in your lamp’s guidelines.

Finishing Up

Per concrete instructions, mix and pour cement up to 5 inches from the top, placing the mounting bracket into the concrete. Thread bolts into the concrete and let it dry. You are now ready to assemble any remaining parts of the lamp post. Once assembled, be sure and test the lights to confirm all is in working order.

Adding Landscaping Features

If you have chosen to place your freestanding light pole along your walkway, you may want to run rope lights along the path for added illumination and effect. If you have installed your pole further into the yard, you may want to surround it with flowers, possibly even a picket fence to keep the dogs away. Whichever you chose, having a freestanding light pole will create more light and increase the attractiveness of your home’s exterior.