How To Prepare For Spring And Summer Storms

a houseSpring and summer storms are inevitable, particularly in certain parts of the country. Anything from violent thunderstorms with heavy downpours that lead to flooding to tornados or hurricanes in coastal areas, any and all can wreck havoc for the average homeowner. Still, there are basic procedures you can take to minimize damage and speed cleanup. We encourage the first time homeowner and veteran alike to keep certain items on hand should a storm occur. Items such as Portable Generators, chain saws, blowers, and plywood are a few such items. Plus, every home should have a well-stocked first aid kit, non-perishable food, and plenty of fresh water to ride out the storm. Below are some specific product recommendations to consider, as well as important preparations to take in advance of any predicted violent weather event.

Simple Preventative Home Care: Yard and Garden

Trimming trees of weak or dead branches will definitely minimize debris from high winds and rain that could result from a storm. We recommend cutting away tree branches that are too close to windows or doors. In addition, cut leaves and bushes that are too close to the roofline and down spouting that might otherwise clog gutters. Establish an annual routine for this so that when storms are predicted, there is less of it to cut and haul away before inclement weather strikes. Chain saws such as the Makita 7” Circular Saw is an easy-to-operate tool to help with this preparation. Plus, if you do sustain broken trees or downed branches, the Makita Circular Saw can save cleanup time after the storm has passed.

Simple Storm Preparations For Inside the Home

There are a number of essential items for inside the home that can be extremely helpful in the event a storm. One of the most basic items many homeowners purchase is a portable generator in the event electrical power is lost. In addition, it is wise to stock the garage with additional fuel and gas cans for refilling any portable generator you buy. carries several excellent generators by Briggs & Stratton that provide up to nine hours of electricity. Equally efficient are the powerful Generac portable generators in our inventory.

Finally, some of the most essential items every homeowner should have on hand during severe weather can be found on the following checklist:

  • Bottled fresh water
  • Non-perishable food
  • Disposable tableware
  • Flashlights for every room
  • Plenty of extra batteries
  • A well stocked first aid kit
  • Extension cords
  • Portable heaters.

Once a storm has passed there is the inevitable recovery process. We recommend acquiring some basic tools for simple repairs such as nails and screws, hammers and hand saws, work gloves and the like. In the end, it is better to be prepared than caught off guard should violent weather occur.