Handyman Help: Small Apartment Fixes Before Moving Out

Cleaning carpetMoving out of an apartment can be bittersweet – especially once you remove artwork and realize there are massive holes in the wall. While some wear and tear is natural – you don’t want to leave the apartment in a bad state. Fixing some minor damage may ensure getting back a full security deposit. Here are some of the most common damage issues, and methods to fix them:

  • Scruff marks – While they should not cause major deductions from the security deposit, numerous (and sizable) scruff marks on the wall can make the overall appearance seem dirtier than it really is. Remove the large marks with a magic eraser and bask in the glory of white walls.
  • Small holes – Small holes are one of the most prevalent issues because renters tend to put pins in walls to hang frames. Patch small holes with some spackling paste, a putty knife, and sandpaper. Squeeze some spackle into each hole, use the putty knife to spread and blend it over the hole and wall. Once dry, sand the wall slightly until the surface is smooth.
  • Carpet stains – From coffee spills to wine accidents, the best way to address stains is to tackle them before they have a chance to set. If there are still marks on the carpet when it’s time to move out, use baking soda or a carpet cleaner to scrub away the spot. If those options are not strong enough, rent a carpet cleaner.
  • Scratches on Hardwood floors – They look beautiful and are easy to maintain, unless of course they have noticeable scratches on the surface. First try the walnut method. Rub a raw walnut along the scrape until the scratch blends into the rest of the floor. If the scratch is too deep, use a wood-colored marker or pencil to reduce the damaged look.

General Cleaning – Before leaving for good, be sure to wipe down all surfaces. Sweep and dust as well, but be diligent when cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. The microwave, stove, oven, and refrigerator should all be as clean as possible, along with the toilet, shower, tub, and sink.