Handyman Help: Keep the Handyman Workshop Clean

Many tools hanging on a wall in a workshopWell-organized workshops are a dream for serious handymen. But once DIY projects start piling up, it can be hard to keep a workspace in proper order. Stray nails, tools, and random items from around the house create clutter, leaving the space unappealing and messy. An orderly space promotes efficiency and saves time because it eliminates the need to look through a dozen different places to find the necessary tools for a project.

The first thing to do when it comes to getting a workshop back in good working order is to group your most utilized items based on frequency and size. Once this is done, taking care of the mess is a must – address the mess early on in the process. De-clutter the worktable, review which items you actually need versus what you can toss or donate, and divide the workshop into smaller sections, to make the clearing out process more manageable.

Create a storage system. This is a step where those DIY handyman skills can come in handy, in terms of creativity. Some individuals may want to build colored drawers, while others may opt for numbered bins. Come up with an overall theme for the workshop, to give it a unified look.

Maximize the space by adorning the walls and ceiling with wall hooks, pegboards, chicken wire, and freestanding shelves. If the workshop is in the basement, the space under the stairs should be used as storage.

Once the workshop has been cleared out and organized, make a regular practice of clearing up the clutter at the end of the day, to avoid small messes that can build up over time. Store frequently used items near the worktable so they aren’t left out all night.

Other tidy tips include:

  • Using old socks to keep safety goggles safe.
  • Washing safety glasses in the dishwasher to remove grime after a messy project.
  • Instead of shelf liner, cut a nonslip rug mat to fit into any drawer to keep tools in place.
  • Place foam carpet pad on the floor to make standing more comfortable.