Beginning Door Repair Requires Good Screwdrivers

Like any moving apparatus that has done its job over time, the metal mechanisms can wear down, wear out, become dirty or need replacing. Having a reliable set of Screwdrivers such as the Grip 6-in-1 Pro screwdriver and an effective hammer will be required for basic maintenance and repairs of well-worn hinges and closers. We’ve compiled some general tips on trouble-shooting problem door closings, with strategies to repair or replace key components of your door’s hardware.

Tightening screws on newly installed door handleThe Basics

If your door is not closing properly, try tightening all the screws in each hinge with screwdrivers that fit the screw head, be it a flat or Phillips screw. Oftentimes, when the door is been used repeatedly, and if it is a heavy door in particular, hinges can begin to separate from the door frame. Tightened screws will help correct any sagging door problems so your door can close properly.

On the other hand, as you tighten the screws and if they refuse to get tighter, they may have become stripped. If this happens, we recommend adding a 3 inch deck screw with a longer shaft. This will hold the hinge firmly in place deeper into the wood the old screws may have stripped.

Larger Problems

If a door doesn’t fit properly and therefore doesn’t close like it should, shim the hinges away from the door frame by using wood shims (a small strip of wood.) This can likely improve the hardware mechanism if a door is too small or the frame has deteriorated over time and gotten ‘soft’. Adding wood shims behind the hinge will push the lock nearer the strike, effectively keeping the door closed and/or locked like it was meant to be.

If your problem is a noisy or resistant door opening and closing, take a hammer and hammer out each hinge pin for oiling. You may need to pry each pin out with one of your screwdrivers, using the hammer to help knock it completely from its shaft. Don’t try to do this alone. Recruit a helper to hold the door. Once all the pins are removed, rub them down with oil, wipe them clean and reinstall each pin into the hinges.

Next Up: Fixing and Replacing a Door Knob And Lock Mechanism