Beginner: Clever Ways to Create Extra Storage

Closet organizing shelvesLack of storage space is a dilemma that individuals commonly face in houses as well as apartments. Though tearing down walls or extending the floor plan may seem like the best way to create more space, making small changes can have a big impact. Here are some clever ways to create more storage without the hassle of a major construction project:

  • Add a pegboard to areas that contain a lot of hanging items. In the bedroom closet, you’ll be able to hang scarves, purses, and belts. The laundry room and pantry are also good locations for a pegboard.
  • Install slide-out storage under your kitchen and bathroom sinks so you can easily store and reach items that typically get lost in the back. This will prevent you from buying items you can’t find, over and over again.
  • Screw on small pre-made shelves behind kitchen cabinets for spices and condiments, behind bathroom cabinets for lotions and cosmetics, and behind laundry room cabinets for soap and stain removers.
  • For kitchen cabinets that are too small, place a simple tray on top of one layer of glasses to create a makeshift shelf upon which you can place another layer of glasses.
  • Place decorative boxes or baskets that match your décor above your cabinets and store items you don’t use frequently inside them. Items can be anything that fits inside since the contents of these boxes will be concealed.
  • Invest in seats that have a removable top. They can store your child’s toys, books, and hobby supplies, as well as create more seating for guests.
  • Purchase some lengths of chain and hang them in your closet. Place hangers on every other link on the chain instead of across the main bar. This trick multiplies the amount of clothes that can fit inside a closet.
  • If your kitchen, bathroom, or garage has blank walls, add more storage by adding simple open shelves.

Remove the kickboards from under your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and replace them with slide-out storage. Store large pans, serving trays, spare towels, and linens in these compartments.