Winter Craft Projects for the Elderly

Elderly ladies laughing around a tableCreativity is not something that disappears with age. Everyone from toddlers to senior citizens can enjoy the process of creating something from scratch. Crafts are particularly important for elderly men and women because it promotes a positive outlook and reduces feelings of anxiety. Craft projects stimulate seniors both cognitively and psychologically. Here are several craft projects for this winter that would be fun both for individuals or big groups of seniors:

Paint a Memorable Winter Memory – Set up a workstation with a canvas and paint. If possible, have the individual invite a few friends to participate in this project, as well. Ask them to paint a memorable winter experience from any point in their lives. Once they have completed their paintings, have them share the story behind their creation.

Create Decorations Using Play Dough – This activity is a great for exercising and stretching the hands and fingers. Provide Play Dough of various colors and ask seniors to create snowflakes, pine trees, mittens, and other winter-related decorations in various sizes. To make the project even more interesting, you may start by helping them make their own dough using flour, water, and coloring.

Make a Scrapbook – Collect those old newspapers and magazines you have lying around the house. Ask seniors to cut out images and words that reflect their favorite things. They may personalize by using family pictures, as well. Throughout the year they can opt to add more and more images.

Holiday Ornaments – The holiday season has already passed but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start making presents for the next season. Provide seniors with the materials they need from to make personalized holiday ornaments for their loved ones. For example, they can create these cute mini-sled ornaments for their grandkids, or these sophisticated tree decorations for friends.

Painted Clay Pots – Purchase a pretty plant in a plain clay pot. Give it to an elderly person in your life, along with paint, paintbrushes, and stickers. Ask them to paint the pot as simple or fancy as they would like. Once complete, they will have a nice piece of nature and design to keep in their bedroom.