Introduction to Picnic Basket Crafting

Picnic baskets have evolved from traditional to stylishly modern. Whether you’re having a picnic in your own backyard or at the park, basic picnic basket crafting can be done with relative ease. Customize a basket to match your personality and you’ll be getting compliments in no time!  The key to getting started is to work with what you already have!picnic basket in field

You can easily transform an old wicker basket. First, paint the outside of the basket in any color you like. Then sand the basket down to give it a vintage look. You may want to stain it too. To line the inside of the basket, use an old piece of fabric; be resourceful!

Place the basket on top of the fabric and trace the bottom. Before cutting the material, add about an inch all the way around to allow for any mistakes. Then measure around the top circumference of the basket. Again, add about an inch and a half to the measurement before cutting.

Sew some lining together with fabric and add pockets for silverware and napkins. Test the material by pinning it to the inside of the basket. Once you see that it fits, sew the pieces together and you’re done!

Another version of revamping a basket you already have is to simply loop a leather belt through a basket that has cut out handles. It is a quick and easy way to put your own stamp on a traditional basket.

Next, you may have a old fruit crate lying around the backyard. This is the perfect piece to turn into a usable picnic basket. Paint the bars, tie cloth material on the insides with ribbon, and use wood glue to add a handle. As an alternative to a wooden handle, use a strong old scarf you may have in the back of the closet. Just be sure to tie it tightly so it doesn’t fall off when you are holding your new picnic basket!

Finally, a little love and care can turn a canvas bag into a useful picnic bag. Spray paint or design the outside, and sew some material on the inside to create a pocket for cutlery, napkins and, water bottles, and other necessities.