Arts & Crafts: Summer Garden Party Decor

Outdoor table set with plates, napkins, and candlesWarm weather and cool evenings make the perfect setting for an outdoor garden party. Arts and crafts aficionados can also use the opportunity to create some creative touches for summer gatherings. From decorations to invitation cards, here are arts and crafts projects that will add a fun and stylish look to your next party.

Invitations: Create floral invitations to your garden party even if you are just inviting a few people. Tailor the cards based on your level skill, whether that means starting with a completely blank postcard, to buying pre-designed packs and adding small personal touches.

Make a sign that describes your theme: Print out individual letters or words and use paint, markers, or stencils to make the sign as simple or colorful as you like.

Statement drinkware: Reinvent your plain drinking glasses into chic statement pieces by taping off the bottom of each glass and sticking dots toward the bottom. Cover the mouth and top portion of the glass with plastic to protect it when spray painting the bottom portion in a gold, or another color of your liking. If spray paint isn’t easily accessible, use glitter to cover the stemware of the glasses. You may want to designate each guest a different color.

Creative cooler: Instead of pouring ice into a cooler, use balloons as ice packs. Choose 2-3 colors that match the theme you are going for and fill the balloons about ¼ of the way with tap water. Freeze them overnight and use the colorful frozen balloons to keep your drinks cool.

Centerpieces: No garden party is complete without summer-inspired centerpieces. Arrange seasonal flowers in mason jars, or fill plant pots with fruit such as lemons, oranges, or grapefruits. Use the leaves to add contrast to the color of the fruit.

Signature Drink: Take your craftiness to a whole new level by creating a signature drink or mocktail. Use petals, leaves, fruit, and other colorful elements to compose a drink that looks like a visual masterpiece.