Arts & Crafts: Fun Back-to-School Projects for Kids and Parents!

school suppliesBack-to-school season means a range of emotions for kids and parents. While kids may feel bummed that their summer fun is ending, parents are likely relieved to get their young ones back into the classroom. One thing that both parties can agree on however, is the fun in completing arts and crafts projects together. These projects may even get the kids more excited about starting school! Here are some fun back-to-school projects for kids and parents to work on:

Felt Bookmarks – Bookmarks will be useful for students during the school year, for parents who love to read, and even as a gift for teachers and fellow students. Materials needed include colorful paper clips, wool felt, embroidery floss, a needle, and a pair of scissors. Kids (and parents) can get very creative with this project by creating different shapes/objects, colors, and sizes for their bookmarks.

Pencil Holders – Colorful school crafts can simulate students and make them feel more excited about completing their work. Allowing kids to create a bright and bold object is great for expanding their creativity and imagination. Creating colorful pencil holders requires some glue dots, a recycled can, and colorful paper. This craft is great for their desk at home, or as a back-to-school present for friends and teachers.

Dry Erase Clipboard Checklist – Creating a clipboard checklist not only sets expectations for after-school activities during the weekday, but also gives youngsters something to look forward to after completing their homework. While “homework,” “dinner,” and “reading,” can be standard checklist items, allow them to include “20 minutes of fun” so they can use that time to do (almost) anything that makes them happy. To create these clipboards, you’ll need regular acrylic paint, clipboards, white gloss vinyl, and embellishments such as ribbon, buttons, fabric, etc. If the kids enjoy this project, why not allow them to create multiple boards in various colors to give as gifts for their friends?

Back-to-School Coffee Invitation – This craft is just for adults, and can be a fun way for parents to reconnect with each other and compare summer horror stories once kids head off on their first day of school. Write the details of the event and attach it to a stir stick. Insert the stir stick in a “to-go” cup and personally deliver to friends and neighbors.