Arts & Crafts: Creative DIY Holiday Decorations

woman holding a tree shaped decorationPutting a personalized touch on holiday decorations is a great excuse to get friends and family together. You can express creativity with craft projects. Spending time together and making memories is what the holidays are all about. There are many arts and crafts decorations that can be done by individuals, regardless of age. Whether you are making generic decorations, or celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanzaa, here are some festive DIY decorations to consider making this season:

Golden Leaf Garland: Incorporate the colors of fall for your Thanksgiving dinner with various shades of golden leaves. Buy artificial leaves and use a paintbrush to apply a layer of glue. Next, sprinkle each leaf with glitter. Using various shades of gold and copper glitter will add more “glam” to the garland. Shake off the excess glitter and punch a hole at the top of each leaf. Attach a ribbon and hang all pieces from a large strand. Hang on the mantel, over a doorway, or on the wall.

Candy cane wreath: Supplies needed are one white Styrofoam wreath form, about 10 packets of candy canes (depending on the size of the wreath), white glitter, white craft glue, a hot glue gun, low temp glue sticks, and ribbon. First, hot glue the candy canes one at a time around the wreath. Make sure that the ends are tightly glued and secured against the opening of the wreath. Rest each hook of the new candy cane on top of the previous one. Once you’ve gone around the entire wreath, apply craft glue to the outer and inner edges of the wreath and sprinkle with glitter. Attach a ribbon and hang your homemade wreath.

Wood Pallet Christmas tree: If you have a collection of scrap piled up in your backyard or garage, this project is perfect for you! You’ll need about 8-10 pieces of wood, depending on how many levels you want the tree to have. Use a long piece as the vertical tree branch, and use a circular saw from to make the horizontal pieces – you may choose to keep the ends at 90 degree angles or 45 degree angles for a more triangular look. Once you’ve cut all the required pieces, use a drill to secure the pieces to the vertical base. You can leave it unpainted for a rustic look, paint on a message, add ornaments, or add lights.

Kwanzaa Corn Husk Vases: Corn traditionally symbolizes the circle of life in Kwanzaa celebrations. Using cornhusks to create vases merges culture with décor. You’ll need corn husks, wood stain, paper towels, scissors, a glue gun, a short drinking glass, and colorful braided yarn. Use a drop of wood stain on the paper towel and rub onto one side of the husks to create an attractive color. Cut the husks based on the proportion of the glass, leaving them about half an inch taller than the top of the glass. Use the glue gun to attach the husks to the glass, overlapping pieces until the glass is covered. Trim off the excess from the top and wrap about three layers of yarn at the base of the vase, securing it with glue. Add flowers and this vase can be used for the Kwanzaa table.

Wine Bottle Menorah: Spray nine empty, clear wine bottles with paint in the color of your choice (or use a different color for each bottle). Insert a candlestick into each one and situate on your mantle or windowsill. Visitors will admire the creativity of this easy arts and crafts project.