Arts and Crafts: DIY Mirrors for Home Decor

four different framesThere are many advantages to hanging mirrors throughout a space. First and foremost, you can create the illusion of a bigger space. A strategically placed mirror reflects the rest of the room, making the room appear larger than it really is. Placing mirrors on the wall increases the lighting within a room, giving the room a more grand and airy feel. Even if the room is already large and well lit, mirrors have the ability to hide imperfections on the wall in an artistic way. Lastly, mirrors have a great practical use, allowing you to check your appearance before leaving the house!

These benefits are further enhanced in homes where a mirror acts as a statement piece. Using a mirror to brighten a room and create a nice focal point is possible for DIY aficionados who want to put a personal stamp on their décor. DIY mirror projects range from basic to advanced.

Nautical Rope Mirrors can be made easily with the following materials: a large circular mirror charger, sturdy foam board, rope, hot glue, and dock cleats. Using the foam board, cut a large circle around the mirror. Glue the mirror to the center of the circle, making sure that there is extra foam board all around. Cut a slit at the top of the outer foam piece to use later in the project. Wrap the rope around the circular outer edge of the mirror, and cut the end off, once it has made the full circle. Do two or three more circles around each additional rope layer, until the foam board is no longer visible. Use hot glue to make sure the rope is secured. Slide another piece of rope through the slit mentioned above and wrap it around the top about three times to hide the frayed ends of the rope. Attach rope to the back of the mirror, to hang on the dock cleats. Your new mirror is now complete!

Circular Rustic Mirrors add a rustic charm to any home. Though this project requires a little more skill and materials, the final result will impress your guests. Materials include a circular mirror that is about 22” round, 3/8” plywood, a measuring tape, jigsaw, wood slices from fallen branches, a saw, primer and paint, wood glue, liquid nails, and a caulking gun. Items can be purchased from Place the mirror on the plywood and trace around the edge. Factor in an additional 3 ½” around the perimeter of the entire circle. Cut out the larger circle with the jigsaw. Attach a cleat to a piece of plywood scrap and then attach the piece to the larger circle. Prime and paint the outer 3 ½” perimeter border the same color as the wall on which you intend to hang the mirror. Adhere the wood slices to the painted portion of the plywood, filling in the space with various sizes. Once the wood pieces are glued on, apply liquid nails for the mirror with a caulking gun all around the middle section. Stay 2” away from the edge. Set the mirror in place and position some heavy objects on top to set it into place securely. When it’s time to hang the mirror, secure the other cleat half to the wall and gently place the mirror cleat into the wall cleat.

A DIY mirror is also a great gift for a birthday, wedding, or anniversary.