Arts and Crafts: Autumn Inspired Arts & Crafts for Kids

Young girl in a knit hat holding bright orange leavesChild with a knit cap on playing in leaves.[/caption]Arts and crafts allow kids to express their imagination and accomplish their goals, through project completion. Incorporating prominent aspects of the autumn season into arts and crafts allows youngsters to explore ideas and concepts within a specific theme. As a learning activity, crafting projects can boost the development of a child in areas like music, science, math, and nutrition. Here are some fun fall oriented arts and crafts projects to keep kids busy this season. It is recommended that supervising adults purchase the equipment at and try out these projects ahead of time.

Tissue Paper Wreath – Easy and beautiful, this craft is best for toddlers and preschoolers. Items needed include paper plates, colorful tissue paper, glue, a brown paper bag, and artificial flowers/leaves. First, cut out the center of the paper plate to use as the base for the wreath. Tear the brown bag into strips that look like twigs or branches. Glue the strips around the wreath. Next, crumple 3×3 inch squares of the colored tissue paper and glue the pieces to the wreath. Using a low-heat glue gun, add a few artificial leaves to the wreath, as well as a ribbon for hanging.

Autumn Night Lights – This project involves the use of candles. Make sure an adult is present when kids are at the final step. You’ll need dried fall leaves, some mason jars, mod podge, a paintbrush, and votive candles. Start by coating the outside of the jar with a layer of mod podge. Arrange the leaves on the outside of the jar and then coat them with another layer of mod podge. Arrange the leaves in an overlapping manner, to create a pretty pattern. Allow the jars to dry overnight. The next evening, have a supervising adult place a lit candle on the inside. The simplistic beauty of this project will amaze kids. Best of all, parents can proudly display these night-lights throughout the season.

Autumn Leaf Sun catchers – This activity can be started by an adult and finished by kids. Necessary materials include paper plates, scissors, transparent contact paper, fall leaves, markers, a hole punch, and yarn. First, cut out the inner circle of the paper plate. Second, cut circles from the contact paper to fit over the opening. The contact paper should be cut about half an inch wider than the inner circle so that it overlaps. Allow the kids to arrange the leaves on the contact paper in whatever pattern they wish. Next, add another circle of contact paper over the top to protect and hold the leaves in place. Fun for the kids, the paper portion of the plate can be decorated with paint, markers, or crayons. Finally, make a hole at the top of the paper plate and insert yarn to hang the autumn leaf sun catcher.