A Beginner’s Guide: Innovative Garden Party Decorations

Family at party outdoors at a tableA step up from your standard “backyard party,” the term “garden party” is usually associated with elegant food, décor, and entertainment. For something extra special, many couples enjoy having friends and family over for garden parties. To “wow” guests, innovative decorations are a must. Decorations do not have to be complicated and expensive. Colorful and consistent, the best decorations work well with the space, first and foremost.

First, consider everyday items from your house that can be spruced up. Turning coffee creamers and eccentric glasses in your cupboard into unusual vases is attractive, easy, and unexpected.

Float flowers in a fountain for added color and elegance. If your garden does not have a fountain or water feature, position rustic buckets and pails throughout your garden space. Throw in floating candles for added charm.

Lighting has a big impact on the look of any party. If you are holding a function that will go into the evening, consider using innovative candlelight decorations. For example, line the route to your garden with luminaries. Or, for something more simple, fill plain brown bags with sand and stick a jar inside with a candle.

For lighting on the tables, carve out the tops of fruit such as apples and pears and pop in small votive candles. Dot these around the table to add an earthy tone to the décor.

If your event is sit-down, consider using natural garden materials for the name cards. Attach cards to blooming flowers from your garden with colorful ribbon. Leaves from the plants in your garden also work in this scenario.

If the event is a little more informal with a buffet-style option, use small clay flowerpots as cutlery holders. Place forks, spoons, and knives in three separate pots and decorate the pots with chalk.

As with any event, implement these ideas where they make sense. All suggestions do not have to be done at one event. Adjust your decorations accordingly depending on the size and style of your garden party. The most important element is fun.