5 Creative Outdoor Event Themes You Should Consider

party baloonsAre you planning a themed party? You probably don’t want to do a theme that’s been done over and over, like Hollywood or the carnival. Fortunately, there’s a myriad of potential themes to choose from. Here are 5 creative outdoor event themes to give you place to start your search.

1. Arabian Nights Theme

Nothing charms and entrances like the aromas and luxuries of an Arabian Nights-themed party. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like Aladdin when he’s Prince Ali? Start with plush pillow chairs made of rich desert colors like royal purples, deep reds, rich blues, and bronze. Set the mood with strings of soft light from colored lanterns. Finalize the party theme with incense burners filled with Arabic incense sticks of clove, sandalwood, or musk. To enhance the experience, ask all of your guests attend come dressed in authentic-looking Arabian clothing, like belly dancers, sultans, or other nobility.

2. Semi Truck Outdoor Birthday Party

If your party is a birthday party for a child, you can get all kinds of creative with the theme, depending on the interests of the child. One of the more out-there themes is a semi-truck theme, but many children think truck drivers are interesting and might go through a phase of wanting to be one.

If that’s the case, build a replica semi truck out of boxes, paints, and accessories, or even talk to a local truck fleet to see if you can rent a trailer for a day, and then set up the tables and decorations inside 18-wheeler’s trailer. Then the birthday boy or girl can eat inside with all of their friends. For the birthday cake, you could either get a semi-truck drawn on the cake in frosting or even do a birthday cake shaped like a semi-truck (depending on your culinary skills or if there are good bakers in your area). Use plates and napkins with trucks on them, and for added embellishment, use handmade birthday streamers made out of tires.

3. 1920’s Speakeasy Theme

There are few things more enjoyable than taking a trip back in time for one evening. To create a 1920’s speakeasy theme, think 1920s New York with gangsters and molls during Prohibition. Flapper dresses and Gatsby-era suits are a must. Dim lighting, small round tables with heavy tablecloths, Chicago-style jazz music playing in the background, violin cases as decor, and dancing the Charleston are all great ways to immerse your guests in the theme.

4. Murder Mystery Theme

Give your guests the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of a murder mystery party theme without the expensive admission price. Rent a large tent or canopy, put together several smaller tables, send out elegant invitations telling your guests to dress in their cocktail best, and prepare to sniff out a murderer. Your creativity is the limit with this theme.

5. Masquerade Ball Theme

An event theme that will never go out of style, a masquerade ball is the pinnacle of elegance, mystery, and excitement. Clothed tables lit by candelabras, wine glasses filled with beads and feathers, masks decorating fence posts or patio railings, and carpets of rich blues and purples all create the perfect setting for your masquerade ball.

The best way to build interest for your upcoming event or party is to advertise. Print fliers, create an event page on social media, or hand out invitations. Add as much creativity to your invitations as possible, as they’ll set the tone and expectations of your guests. And most importantly, have fun!